Is your IT infrastructure future-proof?

With a majority of the world utilising a great deal of technology to go about their daily activities, it is of utmost importance that their infrastructure and input systems are well-oiled, functional and seamless. Customer retention is heavily dependent on factors such as system downtimes, network connectivity issues, data loss and latency. As such, it is crucial to have a powerful IT monitoring system to ensure an organisation mitigates all risks by taking control of their technology using modern technology enabling early detection of errors and system failures and immediate rectification.

According to a report released by Forbes in 2018, it’s costing businesses over $75 billion a year due to poor customer service which is $13 billion more than it’s previous report released late 2016. This pressurises CEOs of large and small companies to recognise the importance of delivering exceptional experience to its customers. In an inflationary environment and ever-growing digital landscape where customers have the option of switching brands in a matter of clicks, businesses should seek alternative approaches to reduce overhead costs while delivering a seamless customer journey. This is where IT monitoring, otherwise known as Enterprise server and network monitoring, comes into play – implementation of IT monitoring for networks and infrastructure enables an organisation to address system issues and failures immediately thereby, allowing them to reduce downtime and server errors. In the long run, this results in a positive upward trend of customer retention and customer loyalty as systems are continuously tracked and monitored. Simultaneously, this helps a business cut down on overhead costs, maintain efficiency and improve overall time efficiency in four main ways. 

  1. Once an IT monitoring system is in place, it alerts the responsible team of any detected failures thus, it does not require any manual work to trace, track and monitor networks and infrastructure. This reduces the cost of recruitment, skilled labor, paid overtime workers and human error. 
  2. Reduced system downtime is a major plus. Customers do not threaten to fall out if their queries are taken care of immediately or they face absolutely zero downtime. Without an IT monitoring system, the only way a team can be notified is through a customer complaint or a manual check up on the system. As such, proper management of networks can increase loyalty, reduce lead churn rates and increase positive customer reviews that can eventually drive potential leads. 
  3. Attending customer calls can be a great hassle and requires a team of highly-skilled employees who are available for technical support 24×7. However, the implementation of a suitable IT monitoring system enables the engineering teams to tackle an issue in a couple of minutes and doesn’t require a dedicated 24×7 support team resulting in reduced call waiting times, labor costs and unsatisfied customers. 
  4. This also improves resource allocation within the teams — with most companies adapting Agile methodologies, the teams are trained to be cross-functional. On days with high volumes of alerts on system errors, resources can be allocated for technical support and query handling and on other days, they can be allocated to perform other duties within the team. This reduces the need for extensive expansion of teams, increases productivity and contributes to efficient resource allocation. 

All these factors combined, can prevent a business from incurring major losses due to system errors or downtimes by triggering early alerts to relevant teams thereby, mitigating the risk of losing customers. 

A Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Monitoring Software

IT monitoring systems enable companies to monitor their operations, networks, servers as well as their performance. Simply said, it ignites a possibility to improve a company’s overall productivity. Nagios XI— a world renown IT monitoring system, is a certified solution that’s proven to give its users a unique experience. Large scale organisations all over the world trust Nagios XI to reduce their downtime, improve their network performance and solve a multitude of IT problems they come across. Nagios XI offers an array of unique features that enhance the customer journey and enhance overall business performance.

  • Nagios XI is known to have a very powerful monitoring engine known as the Core 4 monitoring engine that speeds up the monitoring systems.
  • It facilitates a fully functional and detailed dashboard enabling users to visualise the monitoring process through a snapshot of the system, detect recurring patterns and analyse data for effective decision making. 
  • A future-proof feature known as “Capacity Planning” enables early discussions on potential upgrades. 
  • Another key feature offered by Nagios XI is a “Configuration Snapshot” allowing users to save their recent configurations and archive them.
  • Nagios supports an advanced user management feature that enables seamless account management, account activation and user assignment in a matter of clicks. It supports role based access control for advanced security. 

5 Key Benefits of Nagios XI

  • The highly powerful GUI of Nagios XI offers its customers the opportunity to customise the layout according to the user’s preference, providing them the flexibility that they require. 
  • Nagios XI also comes with helpful configuration wizards. These configuration wizards guide and help the users in order to make the monitoring process easier and simpler.  Users no longer need to go through or deal with complex monitoring processes. Instead, all they need to do is enter some required information to conduct the monitoring process.
  • Nagios XI offers multi-tenant capabilities that enable admins to customise the software to display information specified for pre-defined roles. 
  • Nagios XI also offers a centralised view of a business process. It provides users with very useful information quickly allowing users to track the entire monitoring process very easily.
  • Nagios XI is known for its user-friendliness and simplicity, allowing admins to train their subordinates to use the system. With the aid of help wizards, the process becomes much easier and allows new joiners or interns to grasp the system functionalities very quickly.

A powerful enterprise network and server monitoring software can solve all your problems for you and reward you with a spiking ROI. Nagios XI provides monitoring of all mission-critical infrastructure components including applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, systems metrics, and network infrastructure. Hundreds of third-party add-ons provide for monitoring of virtually all in-house applications, services, and systems. As your trusted technology partner, we enable you to deliver excellence and quality by integrating powerful Nagios solutions to our custom software solutions built with extreme care and attention to detail.

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